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Мы являемся надежным поставщиком подшипников, направляющих, ШВП, роботизированных систем и других промышленных комплектующих и оборудования от ведущих мировых производителей. Высокое качество продукции и скорость выполнения заказов, приемлемый уровень цен и компетентные консультации специалистов компании – основы нашего бизнеса.

Company history

«Kugel» company was established in 2006. The specialists with successful experience in their fields work in the company at the present. Nowadays the company supplies bearings, power transmission products (sprockets, bushings and hubs, pulleys and etc.), shafts, filters, lubrications and etc., mechanisms (linear motion systems, spindles), equipment (lubrication and cooling systems, devices and tool). We cooperate with the largest industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Why we?

Years of specialist’s experience of our company on the market of components, mechanisms, equipment and lubricants makes it possible to offer a full range of devices, equipment and expendable materials for organizations of various industry profiles.

Stable price level and steady sales volume increase, search for reliable partners and long-term relationship creation - are the main aims of the company today.

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